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Behaviour & Discipline Policy

School Policies

Code of Behaviour

AIM: To ensure that each child can work and play in a safe environment.

FRAMEWORK: This code is framed in the acknowledgement of the RIGHTS and RESPONSIBILITES of:


Every effort will be made by all members of staff to adopt a positive approach to the question of behaviour in the school.

The school places greater emphasis on rewards than on sanctions in the belief that this will, in the long run, give the best results.

The school recognises the variety of differences that exist between children and the need to accommodate these differences.

All efforts will be made to match the curriculum to the abilities, aptitudes and interests of each pupil.

The rules are kept to a minimum and are positively stated in terms of what is expected of the pupils.

RESPONSIBILITY: The overall responsibility for discipline within the school rests with the Principal. Each teacher has responsibility for the maintenance of discipline within his/her classroom, while sharing a common responsibility for good order within the school premises.

PARENTS: In the belief that the most effective schools tend to be those with the best relationship with parents, every effort will be made by the Principal and staff to ensure that:
Parents are kept well informed.
That the school provides a welcoming atmosphere towards parents.
Parents are not only told when their children have misbehaved but also when they have behaved particularly well.

Communication with parents will be verbal or by letter.

Rights and Responsibilities:

Student Rights:
To learn and play in a happy, safe, secure, stimulating and positive environment.
To express ideas and opinions in a positive way and to be listened to and respected for them.
To have equal access to school, equipment and teacher time.

Student Responsibilities:
To participate and work to the best of their ability.
To be co-operative and considerate.
To act in a safe and responsible manner.
To respect the rights of others.
To share and care for equipment.
To follow school rules.

Staff Rights:
To feel valued and respected.
To implement individual style and be supported within the school.
To be shown courtesy and co-operation.
To work in a happy, safe, secure and satisfying environment.

Staff Responsibilities:
To provide a quality education programme.
To value and respect others in the school community.
To promote a safe and supportive environment.
To inform parents of student progress and programmes.

Parent Rights:
To feel valued and respected.
To be shown courtesy and co-operation and to be welcomed.
To participate in a happy, safe, secure and satisfying environment.
To be informed about their childís progress.

Parent Responsibilities:
To support the educational needs of students.
To value and respect other members of the school community.
To support and respect the rules within the school.
To respect the staff of the school.

Consequences need to:
Be fair and reasonable.
Be related to behaviour.
Keep both respect and dignity intact.
Help children learn acceptable behaviour.

The following strategies may be used to show disapproval of unacceptable behaviour:

(a) Reasoning with the pupil.
Reprimand (including advice on how to improve).
Temporary separation from peers, friends or others.
Loss of privileges.
Detention during a break/ or after school by prior agreement with parent.
Prescribing additional work.
Referral to principal teacher.
Communication with parents.
Temporary Suspension.

Disciplinary Procedure

Check behaviour.
Check behaviour and discuss the inappropriate behaviour with child.
Retention for part of play time.
Inform parents if serious misdemeanours
Invite parents to discuss behaviour and to co-plan a programme designed to improve behaviour.
Teachers will keep a written record of all instances of serious misbehaviour as well as a record of improvements in the behaviour of disruptive pupils.
Repeated serious incidents of misbehaviour will be reported to the Board of Management.
For gross misbehaviour or repeated instances of serious misbehaviour suspension will be considered in accordance with Rule 130[5] of the Rules for National Schools.
Aggressive, threatening or violent behaviour towards staff or other pupils will be regarded as serious or gross behaviour, depending on circumstances.
In the case of gross misbehaviour, the Board will authorise the Chairperson or Principal teacher to sanction an immediate suspension, pending a discussion of the matter with the parents.

Expulsion may be considered in an extreme case, in accordance with Rule 130 (6).

Every effort will be made to have an emotionally disturbed child referred for psychological assessment without delay. Help will be sought, also, from support services within the wider community, e.g. Community Care Services provided by Health Boards.


Rights: It is my right to learn at school
Responsibiliti It is my responsibility to make sure I do not stop others from learning

Rights: It is Rights: It is my right to be listened to when I need to communicate with others
Responsibiliti Responsibilities : It is my responsibility to allow others to communicate and be listened to.


Rights: Rights: When in school it is my right to be treated with respect and to have my belongings treated with respect by classmates and staff.
Respo Responsibilities: It is my responsibility to behave respectfully to my classmates and staff (visitors etc.) and their belongings/property.

Safety Safety
Rights: Rights: When Iím in school I have the right to be safe in the classroom, in the yard and everywhere in the school grounds.
Respo Responsibilities: It is my responsibility to make sure I do not make others feel unsafe.



We work quietly and helpfully together.
We take turns.


We co-operate with others.
We share the playground.
We speak kindly and respectfully to each other


We speak kindly and respectfully to each other
We are kind to each other and use good manners.
We are considerate and understanding of others differences. We respect and care for the property of others.
We put things away carefully.


We are kind to each other and use good manners.
We are considerate and understanding of others differences. We respect and care for the property of others.
We look after equipment.
We try not to hurt people.
We use equipment safely.
We walk quietly in our room.


We play safe games.
We play in safe areas of the school.
We take care when we are moving about or playing outside.
We try to solve problems in a fair manner.
If that is hard, we ask a teacher for help.


We talk to each other and try to work problems out.
If we need help, we ask a teacher.

The code will be reviewed at agreed intervals.

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