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Green School Committee 2013- 2014

Green School Committee 2014- 2015

The Green School Committee have been very busy working towards our second Green Flag.
We are trying to reduce energy consumption in our school.
We meet regularly and we have come up with lots of energy saving ideas for school and at home.
Take a look at some of the work we have carried out

Action Plan:
Our action plan is made up of all the steps our school will take to reduce energy consumption in our school.

Action plan

Light Survey:
All the classes helped us count how many lights were in the whole school and the
Green School Committee tallied up the results.

Light Survey Results102 Lights in Our School

Appliance Audit:We counted how many electronic appliances were in each classroom and around the school.
We then tallied up the results and recorded them on a pictogram near our Green Schools Noticeboard.
Some of our results are:
22 laptops, 4 radios, 6 IWBs, 5 I-Pads, 2 laminators.

Meter Readings:
Our Green Schools Committee members have learnt how to read the meter which is in Ms Morrison’s office.
Jess and Shannon are in charge of recording the meter reading every Friday morning.

Energy Wardens:
We have displayed reminders around the school to encourage people to save energy by turning off the lights and closing the doors. Energy Wardens have been appointed in each classroom to monitor this.

Energy Detectives:
Green School committee members take on the role of Energy Detectives every day at lunch time. Classes that are very good Energy Savers (lights off, Interactive Whiteboard on no show, windows and doors closed) get a green light bulb sticker.

Classes that get four of these stickers in a week are called “Energy Savers of the week”. They are rewarded with free play on Fridays after Assembly.

Low Energy Day:
We had a Low Energy Day on the 13 June 2014. Our challenge was to use as little energy as possible. We came to school wearing red to brighten up our classrooms.
Lights, laptops, Interactive Whiteboards and the photocopier were not switched on for the whole day.

We used 38 units of electricity in a normal day in June.
We used only 9 units of electricity on our Low Energy Day!! 29 units of electricity were saved! Well done everybody!!

4 class created these fantastic posters to advertise our Low Energy Day around our school and community.

Energy Questionnaires:
We sent home an Energy Questionnaires to each family to find out their level of energy saving awareness.

6 class tallied the results of the Energy Questionnaires that we sent home to all the families in our school.
They represented some of the results using pie charts and we have displayed these on our Green Schools Noticeboard.

Do you put on the washing machine when it's not full? Yes= 29%

Do you leave yoor T.V. on stand-by at night? Yes=46%

Do you leave your mobile phone plugged in after
they are fully charged?

The Green School Committee informed the school of the results during assembly.

As you can see from the results, our families are good at saving energy in their homes.
We have decided to send home the energy questionnaire results and some energy saving tips.

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