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October 2017

Classes > 2nd Class

We began Drumming with Eamon Cagney this month.

We have enjoyed playing co-operative games in PE this month.

Leg Pass:
The aim of this game was to pass the tennis ball around the group without using our hands. It was great fun!

Team Relay:
We collected coloured letters of the alphabet.
When we had all the letters collected we had to figure out what the secret word was.


Is breá linn Gaeilge i Rang a Dó.
“Tá mé ag rá an Nuacht.”

Ag imirt an cluiche “Cad atá sa mhála?”

Támid ag cleachtadh an Rann “A haon, a dó, a trí”.

A haon, a dó, a trí,
lucha beaga buí

A haon a do, a trí,
lucha beaga buí,
Ag ithe píosa cáise,
I ngan fhios d`fhear an tí.

Cat mór liath,
Rith sé isteach;
Cad a rinne na lucha?
Rith siad amach.

Ag Siopadóireacht

We did lots of work on comparing numbers through fun games. We learnt the symbols for greater than, less than and equals.

We have been busy practicing our addition tables.

School in the Past
We compared photos and documents from school long ago and now. We examined Roll books from our school in the past. It was interesting to find the names of people we knew. We even found Ms. Flynn’s name in the roll book.

This pupil brought in a photo of her Dad and his classmates at school in the past.

Autumn is here
We went on an Autumn walk and created suncatchers using the leaves we had collected.

What is Soil made up of?
Soil is a layer of loose material on the surface of the Earth. Without soil, we would not be able to grow plants.
We investigated what soil is made up of by carrying out the following steps:

1.We filled half a jar with soil and then added water
to nearly fill the jar.
2.We shook the jar to mix the soil and water together.
3.The next day we examined the soil sample.
4.We recorded our results.
5.The heavy particles sunk to the bottom of the jar and
the lighter particles floated to the top.
6.We discovered that soil is made up of many layers:
gravel, sand, silt, clay and humus.

We are very excited to have a new teacher for a few weeks. Her name is Ms Desmond Collins.
Watch this space for photos of the activities and work we will have completed.

A big thank you to Ms Desmond Collins for teaching us this month. Take a look at some of the activities we got up to.

Are you a square?
We measured and compared our arm span with our height to see if they were the same length.
To our surprise some of us were a square.

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