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R.S.E Policy

School Policies

RSE (Relationships, Sexuality Education) Policy

School Details

Name: Kilbrittain N.S.
Address: Kilbrittain, Co. Cork
Phone No.: 023/8849890
Category: Catholic, Rural, Mixed No. 2

School Philosophy

As a catholic school we provide a climate where we strive to help all our children to achieve their full potential in a happy, caring environment. In doing so we are sensitive to the reality of our children’s lives in a changing world. It is our ultimate aim and hope that the children who have experienced our care will leave with a pride in themselves and in everything they do and go onto live happy and fulfilled lives.

Definition of RSE

RSE is an integral part of social, personal and health education and must be taught in this context. It provides structured opportunities for pupils to acquire knowledge and understanding of relationships and human sexuality through processes, which will enable them to form values and behaviours within a moral, spiritual and social framework. It addresses the development of social and personal skills and aspects of parenting.

Relationship of RSE to SPHE

SPHE provides opportunities for pupils to learn basic personal and social skills, which foster integrity, self-confidence and self-esteem while nurturing sensitivity to the feelings and rights of others.

Current Provision

Over the years the school has been providing a programme of Education under the title of Social Personal and Health Education, which includes:
Advice and guidance on healthy eating habits, e.g. stable lunches, avoiding junk food etc.
The importance of cleanliness to ones health and well-being
Constant advice about safety and social responsibility
The importance of showing respect and care for others
Older children being made aware of the importance of giving good example to younger children
Awareness of the dangers of alcohol and drugs

It is envisaged therefore that the RSE programme would be an integral part of the existing programme in the school.

Aims of our RSE Programme
To enhance the personal development, self-esteem, and well being of the child

To help young people develop healthy friendships and relationships

To develop and promote in the child a sense of wonder and awe at the process of reproduction, birth and new life

To enable young people to understand and develop healthy attitudes and values towards their sexuality and that of others, in a moral, spiritual and social framework

To enable the child to be comfortable with oneself and others while growing and developing

Management and Organisation of RSE in our school


The teaching of the RSE programme will take place in nine lesson periods over the school year, breaking down to three lessons per term. It is envisaged that their teacher would teach the lessons to the class/group as a whole

All the staff is willing to implement the programme

Parents will be given an opportunity to see the programme in some detail i.e. the lesson plans as provided by the Department of Education will be displayed for the parents at a convenient time

Parents will have the right to withdraw their child/children from the RSE lessons. Provision will be made for their supervision in such an event

From time to time an outside professional e.g. a nurse, may be brought into the school to assist in delivering the more sensitive areas of the programme (i.e. a 5. and 6. class lesson) consultation between the parents of such children and class teacher would take place to make the necessary arrangements. Timing of lesson plans may be rescheduled to suit outside visits

Finally it is of vital importance that a shared responsibility is accepted by parents and teachers for the successful implementation of the programme

Provision for ongoing support

Information on resources to be made available to parents at lesson plan display
Teachers use RSE Lesson plans provided by the Department of Education and Science

Review: Continual two year review

Amendment to R.S.E. Policy Kilbrittain N.S.

Guidelines for the Management and Organisation of RSE in our School

Curriculum Matters:

Curriculum Content – The curriculum by NCCA will be followed as published, and will be taught in Infants to 6 class. It will be taught by the teaching staff (as outlined on the sheet attached)
OR An outside speaker will address the sexually sensitive issues i.e. puberty, stages of baby in the womb, reproductive system, conception, birth and sexual intercourse, at 5 and 6 Class. All resources used will be in keeping with the ethos of the school and the policy.
In a multi class situation, the younger class will be withdrawn when topics being taught are not age-appropriate.
When an outside speaker is used, the class teacher is responsible for making them aware of school policy and that teacher will sit in during the lesson.

Organisational Matters:

If children are withdrawn, they will be accommodated in another teacher’s classroom.
With regard to matters of a confidential nature, the school cannot take any responsibility for what is discussed in the yard or classroom.
Any teacher has the right to opt-out from teaching the sexually sensitive issues in RSE. It is responsibility of Board of Management to ensure that the curriculum will be taught to the children by another teacher or an outside speaker.
Parents are invited/welcome to view the curriculum and may speak to the class teacher if they have any concerns.

Dealing with Questions:

All questions answered will reflect the parameters of the curriculum. Certain topics will not be discussed i.e. abortion, masturbation, homosexuality, contraception. Questions to the teacher may be written or oral within the group setting and answered within the boundaries of the curriculum and policy. Any questions asked by the children that are judged to be inappropriate, the teacher will refer the child to their parents. The school cannot guarantee confidentiality if a child asks a question of a personal nature to themselves or discloses personal information.

Provision for Ongoing Support

Parents welcome to view curriculum if they wish

Regular contact with parents prior to the teaching of lessons involving “sensitive issues” in the form of the home/school link page accompanying such lessons in the RSE Resource Books
OR Contact will be made with parents prior to the address by the outside speaker.

“Going Forward Together” Booklet will be given to parents in Junior Infants at enrolment.

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