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September 2017

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Fáilte go Rang a Dó

Welcome to the Second Class webpage!

We have been very busy this month.
Have a look at our photos!

We all fit together & work together in 2 Class.

Roald Dahl was one of the best children’s writers
and we love reading his stories both at home and at school.
We celebrated Roald Dahl Day on the 13 September
as that was his birthday.

If Roald Dahl was alive he would be 101 years old this year.
We enjoyed various fun activities on Roald Dahl day.
We wore yellow ribbon because yellow was Roald Dahl’s favourite colour.
We began reading one of Roald Dahl’s novel called “Matilda”.

Matilda loved reading books so in Science we investigated how many books four eggshells could hold without breaking.
Firstly we tried to break an egg by squeezing it tightly in our hands.

We then placed books on top of four eggshells to further investigate the strength of the eggshells.
To our amazement the eggshells could carry 18 books without breaking.
Eggshells are a lot stronger than we had expected.
How? The dome shape of the eggshells helps to evenly distribute the weight of the books amongst the eggshells.
What an “egg”citing experiment!

Growing Up!

We shared some of our keepsakes from when we were babies.

We also created timelines about important events in our lives from when we were babies.

We did a lot of work based on fingerprints this month. Firstly we investigated which material was the best to show up our fingerprints. We used ink, paint, chalk, charcoal, crayon and pencil. We discovered that ink was the best material to use.

We learnt that there are three types of fingerprint patterns:
We examined our own fingerprints using magnifying glasses and recorded our results.

Family Trees
Look at our family trees.

The Human Body
We learnt all about the function and location of our heart, lungs and brain.

We also explored the skeleton. Did you know a human skeleton has 206 bones?!
We carried out an experiment to investigate the effect of vinegar on a chicken bone.
We placed a chicken bone in a jar of vinegar and we placed another chicken bone in a jar of water as our control.

We examined the bones after one week.
The bone that was in the jar of vinegar became soft and bendable. This happened because the vinegar dissolved the calcium that was in the bone. Calcium makes our bones strong.
The bone that was in the jar of water remained unchanged and hard.

Pop Art
Our Pop Art style handprints inspired by Andy Warhol.

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