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Water Action Day June 2016

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Water Code
We held a whole school competition to generate a winning Water Code for our school in May. Junior Infants all the way up to 6 class got the opportunity to enter. There was a huge number of entries and the Green School had to decide on the winning one. The entries were fantastic. In the end the Green School Committee went with 1 water catchphrase, 1 water poem and 1 water song. :o

INSERT PIC 1 Water Code Meeting

Water Codes
Water Catchphrase
Slow the flow, save HO! (By Eva Nagle)

Water Poem
Water, water everywhere,
Waste no water anywhere,
We need our water to survive,
So letís keep this rhyme alive! (By Caoimhe Ahern)

Water Song
(I have saved a video of the girls performing it in assembly it would be great if we could upload it.)

By Naoimi Conlon & Isobel Bergin

We held a Water Action day in our school to build awareness about water and how important it is to save water. The Green School Committee came up with lots of ideas, they even researched water experiments. Here is what we did in school for the day. In assembly we announced the winning Water Codes. Everyone wore blue to school and brought water as their drink for the day.

Junior & Senior Infants = Aerial Water Drop photo and water themed stories
1 class = visited 3rd class to take part in some water experiments . Ms Flynn also did a water experiment with them where they had to build a boat using playdoh
2 class = visited 3 class to take part in some water experiments
3 class = Invited 1 & 2 into their classroom for some water experiments
4, 5, 6 = Walk for Water


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