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Enrolment & Admission Policy

School Policies

Enrolment / Admission Policy


The Board of Management of Kilbrittain National School hereby sets out its Enrolment and Admission Policy in accordance with the provisions of the Education Act 1998. It trusts that in so doing, parents will be assisted in relation to enrolment matters. The Chairperson of the B.O.M. Mrs. Noreen O Brien and the Principal Teacher Ms. Karen Morrison, will be happy to clarify any matters arising from the policy.

Name of School:
Kilbrittain N.S., Opening Time: 9.30 a.m.
Kilbrittain, Closing Time: 3.10 p.m.
Co. Cork.

This is a co-educational Catholic primary school under the patronage of the Catholic Bishop of Cork and Ross.At present, the teaching staff is comprised of seven classroom teachers, 3 learning support teacher/ resource teachers, 2 full time teacher in Spraoi (our new A.S.D) and 1 administrative principal. There are also seven SNAs. The full range of classes are taught in the school and classes are of mixed gender.


This policy aims to ensure that the appropriate procedures are in place to enable the school:

To make decisions on all applications in an open and transparent manner consistent with the ethos and the mission statement of the school and the legislative requirements.
To make an accurate and appropriate assessment of the capacity of the school to cater for the needs of applicants in the light of the resources available to it.
To put in place a framework which will ensure effective and productive relations between students, parents and teachers where a student is admitted to the school.

The school depends on the grants and teacher resources provided by the Department of Ed. and Skills and it operates within the regulations laid down from time to time by the Department. School policy will always have regard to the resources and funding available.

The curriculum programme followed will be that prescribed by the Department, within the parameters, the rights of the Patron as set out in the Education Act, and the funding and resources available.

The school supports the principles of:

Inclusiveness, particularly with reference to the enrolment of children with a disability or other special educational needs.
Equality of access and participation in the school.
Parental choice in relation to enrolment.
Respect for the diversity of values, beliefs, traditions, languages and ways of life in society.

Application Procedures

New Entrants:

New Entrants to Junior Infants will be required to come to the school with their parent(s)/guardian(s) on a specific date and time, usually early in the third term.
A specific enrolment application form will be presented to the parent(s)/guardians and the following information will be requested:

The pupil's name, address and date of birth
Contact telephone number
Contact telephone number in case of emergency
Father's name
Mother's name and maiden name
Name and contact details of family doctor
Details of any medical conditions which the school should be aware of
Parental consent to use an alternative doctor in the case of emergency
Signed acceptance of the school's Code of Discipline.
Copy of Birth Cert

The application will not be treated as being complete until such time as all requested information has been received. Applicants will be informed of a decision within twenty one days of receiving a complete application.

Enrolment Criteria:

As a general principle and in so far as practicable having regard to the school admissions / enrolment policy, children who apply will be enrolled in accordance with the criteria below, provided there is space available. The school will endeavour to ensure that a policy of respect for each child is operated, particularly in the enrolment of children with disabilities or special educational needs.

The Board will have regard to relevant Department of Education guidelines in relation to class size and staffing provisions and/or any other relevant requirements concerning accommodation, including physical space and the health and welfare of the children.
The Board is bound by the Department of Education and Skills Rules for National Schools and Education (Welfare) Act 2000; pupils may only be enrolled from the age of four years and upwards though compulsory attendance shall not apply until the age of six years.
In the event that application for enrolment exceed available places, applicant children will be enrolled strictly in accordance with the following criteria in the following order:

Brothers and sisters (including step siblings, resident at the same address) of children already enrolled in the school.
Children living within the parish boundary.
Children of current school staff.
Children outside the parish.

In the event that there are more applicants within any category than places available, priority will be given to children within the particular category in order of age, starting with the oldest.

Enrolment of Junior Infants:

Admission / enrolment of Junior Infant children normally take place on September 1 in any year. Children must be four years of age or over on that date.

Pupil Transfer:

Pupils may transfer to the school at any time subject to school policy, available space and in some cases the approval of the Department of Ed., and Skills. Acceptance of the schools Code of Discipline after examination will be requested.
Attendance, behaviour and academic records of children who transfer to another primary school will be forwarded to the Principal of the school by post as soon as written confirmation of this transfer is received.
Attendance, behaviour and academic records of children who transfer into Kilbrittain N.S. will be sought directly from the previous school.

Enrolment of children with special needs:

The Board of Management is committed to inclusiveness particularly with reference to the enrolment of children with a disability or other special need.

In relation to such application, all relevant information and reports may be requested to support the application, thereby enabling the B.O.M. to make a prompt and informed decision. Where such information\reports are not available, the B.O.M. may request that the child be assessed immediately. The purpose of the assessment report is to assist the school in establishing the educational and training needs of the child relevant to his/her disability or special needs and to profile the support services required.

A full case conference including the pupil's parents, school principal, class teacher, learning support teacher and the resource teacher or psychologist as appropriate would then be held. The child's needs and the school's suitability or capability in meeting these needs would be discussed in detail.

It may be necessary for the B.O.M. to decide to defer enrolment of a particular child pending:

The receipt of an assessment report.

The provision of appropriate resources by the Department of Education and Skills to meet the needs specified in the psychological and / or medical report.

Exceptional Circumstances:

The school reserves the right to refuse enrolment to any pupil in exceptional cases. Such an exceptional case could arise where either:

The pupil has special needs such that, even with additional resources available from the Department of Education and Skills, the school cannot meet such needs and/or provide the pupil with an appropriate education or
In the opinion of the Board of Management, the pupil poses an unacceptable risk to other pupils, to school staff or to school policy.

Admission to Spraoi

Please refer to our Enrolment Policy for Special Classes for details.

Right of Appeal:

Parent(s) / Guardian(s) will be informed in writing by the Chairperson of the BOM of their right to appeal a decision of the B.O.M. in relation to a refusal to enrol. The Chairperson of the B.O.M. is also responsible for preparing a response for the Appeals Committee if and when an appeal is initiated.

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