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Enrolment Policy for Special Classes

School Policies

Enrolment Policy for Special Classes in Kilbrittain N.S.

The Board of Management provides 2 Special Classes for children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder in accordance with the Department of Education and Science guidelines and support structures.

Aims and objectives

  • A commitment to providing the highest quality of education for the children concerned.
  • To strive towards the integration of children in the unit into mainstream, having regards for levels of disability, available resources and suitability for such integration.
  • To enhance the communicative and social skills of the children in the unit.

Application Form

Parents/ guardian who wish to enrol children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder are required to contact the school for a form. On application our enrolment policy including criteria for admission will be given to parents/ guardians and these criteria are non-negotiable. The application form must be completed in respect of each child and signed by the parents/ guardian of the child.

Special Classes (A.S.D.) Enrolment Process and Criteria

Parents wishing to enrol their child in the Special Class (ASD) must present a psychological report to the school. This report must include:

1. A diagnosis of Autism that meets D.S.M. 1V &V OR I.C.D 10 criteria by a multi- disciplinary team and must be recent – within the last 12 months.

2. A report stating that the minimum level of cognitive functioning is a mild learning disability range (also recent within 12 months)

3. A recommendation for a placement in an A.S.D. class attached to a mainstream school by the diagnosing professional.

Once reports have been forwarded to the B.O.M. parents will be asked to make an application to enrol the child in the Special Class. The Board of Management will then consider the application and notify the parents accordingly.

Points to note:

  • The child must be able to use a regular toilet with or without assistance
  • A child shall not be admitted if behaviour is such that she/he is a danger to herself/himself and /or others.
  • All relevant reports and assessments must accompany application to enrol form including O.T. or Speech and Language report, if relevant. Where there is insufficient information provided about a child, the Board of Management may not be able to make a decision.
  • Parents/ guardians of prospective candidates must meet Principal and class teacher prior to enrolment.
  • The Board of Management reserve the right to take into account any other criteria they deem relevant.

The Special Class operates a maximum class size of six pupils. One teacher and two S.N.A.’s will work in the Special Class. Should the number of applicants exceed the number of places a waiting list is put in place. The following non-exhaustive list of criteria will apply in priority order:

1. Siblings of present and past pupils of the school - priority to eldest

2. Children living within the mainstream school catchment area – priority to eldest.

3. Children of staff members – priority to eldest.

4. Children in the wider catchment area (Bandon/Kinsale/Clonakilty)

5. If spaces are still available, places will be allocated as per waiting list, once an assessment has been made by the Board of Management.

Yearly Review

Placement in the Special Class is subject to a yearly review. Parents will be advised as to the child’s future schooling with the following options considered:

  • Continuation in the special class
  • Continuation in a special class nearer to the child’s home.
  • Mainstream class in Kilbrittain N.S. with Resource Teaching Support
  • Mainstream class with support in a school closer to the child’s home.
  • Placement in a Special School.

Placement Review:

  • Occasionally, concerns regarding the suitability of a child’s continued attendance at the school arise. In such circumstances, a review of a school’s ability to continue to meet the child’s needs in a way that ensures that the child develops to his / her potential may be necessary. Any such review will be undertaken by a committee appointed by the Board of Management, in conjunction with the principal, teachers and multi-disciplinary team. Parents will be kept fully informed of any concerns that might arise in relation to their child’s continued attendance at the school at the earliest opportunity. Parents will be afforded a full opportunity to comment and provide further information before any conclusions are reached in a review.
  • Parents may be asked to work in partnership with the multi- disciplinary team and committee to consider all options open to the child, up to and including a decision to terminate the child’s attendance at the school.
  • In the event that it is determined that the child is not suitably placed in the school , having regard to the capacity of the school and the needs of the child concerned , the Board shall request that a multi-disciplinary team assessment be carried out to determine the best option open to the child.

Multi –Disciplinary support:

Marian House provides a multi-disciplinary support services to children with a diagnosis of autism attending our school. This support includes psychology, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy and access to both psychological and social services.

Mainstream Integration:

It is hoped that children enrolled in the unit experience meaningful integration with their typically developing peers during their time in Kilbrittain N.S.

Types of Integration:

1. Whole class setting- integration for specific subjects such as P.E., Art etc. This takes place within the mainstream classroom, in the hall etc.

2. Reverse Integration – i.e. interaction with a group of peers from the mainstream classroom which generally takes place in the A.S.D. classroom. Areas worked on include play skills, social skills, specific subject areas etc.

3. Paired work- children with similar needs can be “paired” when learning particular activities e.g. turn taking. This would generally take place outside of the mainstream classroom.

4. Play- children in the unit will have the opportunity to mix with their peers from mainstream in the yard

The provision of integration for the children is dependent on resources and accommodation.

Policy Revision:

It is acknowledged and accepted by all parties that this enrolment policy may be revised / modified from time to time in light of on-going evaluation of new approaches to education and the implications of relevant future enrolments in the school.

Ratified by the Board of Management of Kilbrittain N.S. on:2/03/2017

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